SpenglerFox to Utilize Saville Consulting and A&DC Services

July 26, 2011 – Executive search firm SpenglerFox has acquired the rights to utilize the talent management tools Saville Consulting and A&DC. This move will leverage SpenglerFox’s consultancy expertise through the use of Saville and A&DC’s multi-dimensional assessment and development programs. “Not only will this agreement mean that our clients will benefit from SpenglerFox’s breath of experience and insight into a competitive global talent marketplace but now also our enhanced leadership assessment and development services which are integral securing the future of any organization,” said Leyla Spencer, global operations director at SpenglerFox. “Furthermore, utilising these tools, SpenglerFox clients can now more effectively than ever before closely examine the suitability of any candidate for positions with multidimensional methods that have been tried, tested and proven by industry leaders worldwide.” SpenglerFox is a provider of executive search and human resources consultancy services worldwide. The firm is part of the International Grafton Group which was founded in Ireland in 1982 and is now one of the largest resourcing solutions providers of European origin.

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