SourceRight Solutions Unveils Talent Communities Solution

July 5, 2011 – SourceRight Solutions, a division of recruiting giant SFN Group, has unveiled a new Talent Communities solution, which is designed to attract talent through highly interactive, online social communities. Fully configurable and consistent with the customer's brand, Talent Communities provides companies with a private, web-based social network that is customized to meet the exclusive needs of the customer. Talent Communities combine the value of social networks, media platforms, brand-building sites and multiple recruitment channels into one talent acquisition tool. “Right now, most companies approach online social networking with disparate, distinct sites and services – separate Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts that hopefully expand the reach of their talent pool. Our new Talent Communities offering not only works in conjunction with traditional social media sites, but it also provides a dynamic, interactive engagement platform to help companies stay connected with the talent they want and need – and foster candidate familiarity with the client's organization,” stated Karen Turner, vice president of strategic talent optimization.

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