Solvate Launches New Talent Agent

September 17, 2010 – Solvate, a New York-based provider of on demand business services, has launched Solvate Talent Engine. The service enables small businesses and startups to search Solvate's proprietary index of uniquely skilled and highly qualified independent professionals and directly connect with talent. Solvate recruits and contracts with top independent professionals and provides their labor on an hourly basis to small businesses and startups. Solvate's talent network is comprised of qualified industry veterans and contains more than 2,000 unique business services including marketing, graphic design, business development, finance, sales, IT and administration. “Solvate makes it easy for members to find and engage with top talent on demand to grow their businesses without increasing their overhead,” said Michael Paolucci, CEO. Solvate eliminates the hassles of hiring by handling time-consuming HR tasks including contract and rate negotiation, budgeting, billing and payment. Top U.S.-based independent professionals looking to work on demand with Solvate can begin the recruiting, interviewing and vetting processes by applying online for free.

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