Succession Planning

We help companies map their future success by quantifying potential for continued or future success in CEO and C-suite roles.

The breadth and complexity of executive roles require an effective succession planning process that is both deliberate and nimble, includes key stakeholders and is comprehensive in scope.

At the CEO or executive team level, we work with board chairs and CEOs to:

  • Create and execute dynamic succession plans

  • Identify and cultivate high-potential individuals who can drive organizational strategy

  • Develop an understanding of available talent in the external market

​CEO Succession

We help companies successfully navigate CEO transition.

We work with board chairs and CEOs to review, draft and implement succession plans that meet best practice standards. When the time for transition comes, we bring decades of experience to help clients mitigate risk and drive a seamless succession in CEO leadership.

C-suite Succession

We help companies drive strategy through continuity.

Like CEO succession, other C-suite roles require a coordinated succession strategy that intertwines assessment of internal talent, benchmarking of external talent and the culture goals of the organization. We help companies drive strategy through continuity in each leadership role across function, product or service line and region.

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