​​Our team of experts has decades of experience in both organizational psychology and C-suite management consulting. We employ rigorous evaluation techniques that help companies better understand the behavioral and leadership traits responsible for enhancing or impeding their executive team’s performance. Our assessment insights offer a deep understanding of what truly differentiates the best leaders and helps predict success at the top.
We build stronger leadership teams with our executive assessment-driven leadership advisory approach in the following situations:

Leadership Development and Talent Benchmarking

We deploy proprietary tools to advise companies on creating strong growth.

We help leaders define a vision for their executive team and ensure that the individuals in place have the leadership and behavioral competencies demanded by that vision. We advise at all levels of executive talent, and our unique Leadership Span™ approach helps us take a particularly focused approach to predicting success in the C-suite. Combined with our broad and deep industry and functional knowledge, we also are able to benchmark internal talent against the pool available in the broader market.

Talent Alignment through Mergers and Acquisitions

We help companies align leadership and culture to strategic vision.

We work with organizations to ensure that the best talent and the most strategically aligned culture are in place while undergoing a merger or acquisition by using time-tested, proprietary and future-focused assessment and culture analysis methods.   

Portfolio Company Leadership Assessment

We help companies manage the risk of private equity investments.

We help private equity firms better understand and develop the talent leading their portfolio companies. Our approach combines quantitative insights into topics, such as what attributes make a successful portfolio company CEO, with qualitative, decades-long experience in the private equity space.    

Culture Diagnostic

We help companies shape a results-driven culture.

Understanding and improving your company culture are key components of a well-rounded leadership strategy. Our proprietary Culture Analyst™ tool allows us to define an organization’s current and desired culture—helping companies truly transform their culture for optimal results.

Inclusive Assessment

We help companies build diverse, inclusive leadership teams.

Organizations with diverse, inclusive leadership teams consistently attract the best talent, deliver superior customer experiences, and outperform the competition. Our proprietary approach to measuring Inclusive Leadership enables us to identify leaders who are uniquely capable of cultivating high-performance cultures that enable all employees to maximize their contributions and realize their full potential.

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