Culture Advisory

We give boards and CEOs an unvarnished view of their organization's culture—boosting organizational performance and the effectiveness of the leadership team.

​We help your top leaders compare the culture you have with the one you want—and let you preserve that culture during times of transition.

Evaluating Culture

We deliver a quantitative culture assessment.

Our proprietary Culture Analyst™ tool assesses organizational culture and evaluates the culture fit of key leadership and teams. It measures culture across more than two dozen variables and delivers objective information that leads to better decisions and leadership hiring.​

Building an Inclusive Culture

Our Inclusion Index offers our clients an in-depth, data-driven diagnostic on the extent to which an organizational culture is equipped to foster inclusivity.  Leveraging these insights, we provide clients with thoughtful, targeted guidance on how to build more inclusive organizations.

Aligning Culture with Strategy

We help you align culture with strategy during periods of transition.

Having a defined, consistent organizational culture during a merger or other changes in ownership lends clarity and focus when needed most. We identify critical differences when combining organizations and their executive teams, aiding and accelerating integration.

Assessing Culture and Talent

We help you integrate culture into executive recruitment.

An executive succeeds when that new leader understands and embraces the organization’s culture. Our Culture Analyst™ tool assesses the culture fit of finalist candidates, yielding insights that can be incorporated into evaluation and eventual onboarding.
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