Signium Celebrates 60 Years in Business

February 13, 2011 – Signium International is celebrating 60 years of supporting companies to attract, retain and develop their top managerial talent. In 1951 Henry Wardwell Howell formed, in New York City, one of the first management consulting firms focused solely on senior level executive search, Ward Howell USA (today Signium International). In 1979 the international company was founded and named Ward Howell International, Inc. as a subsidiary of Ward Howell USA. In 1982 the name of the international company was changed to Ward Howell International Group, Inc. In 1994 the company reorganized and became owned by its shareholders –and in 1998 was transformed into Signium International. “We know our clients’ business and are aware of movements in the sector as well as projections for the future. We are the eyes and ears of the market, which helps us to prepare companies for the future,” said Ignacio Bao, chairman of the board of directors of Signium. “We set out to ensure that our clients are able to continue growing in an ever-changing market.” Signium International has a network of 43 offices strategically distributed in 27 countries.

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