Russell S. Reynolds Jr. Releases New Book on Headhunting Business

June 8, 2012 – Russell S. Reynolds Jr. has just released Heads: Business Lessons from an Executive Search Pioneer, which offers a unique view of the evolution and behind-the-scenes dynamics of the executive search profession. In 1969, when Mr. Reynolds launched his own executive search firm, the “headhunting” field was viewed as a somewhat misunderstood business that didn’t attract particularly talented or well-educated professionals. But within a very short time, Mr. Reynolds succeeded in changing that image dramatically – and along with a handful of cohorts, was responsible for raising the level of quality and professionalism that has propelled executive search to its current stature as a highly respected, multi-billion dollar industry. How it all unfolded is the fascinating story of this book. Written with Carol Curtis, Heads takes readers on a captivating journey from Mr. Reynolds’ childhood in Greenwich, Connecticut, during the Great Depression, up to the present as the head of RSR Partners.

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