Rockpools and Tardis Group Join Forces

February 10, 2010 – U.K.-based executive search firm Rockpools has joined forces with the global executive search and selection firm, Tardis Group. The deal provides Rockpools with access to Tardis’s global markets, with offices in Sydney, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, New York and Dubai. “The venture is a win-win for both companies, with Rockpools increasing its search and selection offer to a much wider market, whilst Tardis is able to extend its brand,” said Balvinder Sangha, managing director of Rockpools. “The deal provides Rockpools with a great opportunity to build on our excellent brand, increase our offer to our clients and candidates and enter new markets. We have over the past six months reviewed our business, restructured and are now in a much stronger position to respond to the radical and ongoing change that will affect the public sector over the coming years, which will clearly be shaped by global trends, transforming the way our clients are led and managed.” The deal followed a management buy-out from the Pinnacle Regeneration Group which will retain the interim management element of the business under the transaction. In return, it gives Tardis Group, which has specialized in executive search and selection for the investment banking, IT, pharmaceutical and environmental industries, a stronger platform to develop and grow its business and position in the market as a global recruiter. The buy-out sees Rockpools management retaining 49 percent ownership of Rockpools, while Tardis will own 51 percent.

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