Recruiters Increase Social Media Networking to Fill Jobs

January 14, 2010 – JCSI, a corporate staffing consulting firm, surveyed HR executives and recruiters in a variety of industries to determine how they plan to find and attract the best talent in 2010. The study found that hiring demands are increasing for most companies, but recruiting teams are still limited with budget constraints. With the high costs and inefficiency of traditional candidate sourcing methods, recruiters are taking a proactive approach to reach candidates with online social networks like LinkedIn and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Recruiters and hiring managers are using these tools to bypass job boards, advertisements and agencies to connect with people qualified for their open positions. Survey respondents indicated that even with the high volume of candidates in the marketplace, their biggest concern is the ability to find qualified candidates. While budgets remain tight, recruiters are focused on making quality hires as quickly as possible. Time-to-fill an open requisition was ranked as the most important success metric, above cost per hire. “There is a shift in recruitment best practices occurring right now,” said Jim Sullivan, JCSI's founder and president. “Companies are finding that it is far more productive to reach high quality candidates with online research and social media networking. This requires recruiting teams to develop new skills to communicate with potential candidates in their own online communities. Finding qualified candidates is only half the battle — the challenge is to get them interested in your positions. JCSI provides companies with the expertise and resources they need to make the best quality hires faster.”

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