Justin Makus


Justin joined Waterford Global Inc. in 2021. He is actively involved in business development, recruitment, and client relationship management within several of our firm’s recruitment verticals. Prior to joining Waterford Global’s team, Justin developed his professional skills by delivering independent consulting services to a well-known Canadian-based boutique business brokerage which supported a wide variety of industry sectors.

Justin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, with a double major in Economics and Finance. He has also been involved in a variety of leadership roles and activity-related business strategy and entrepreneurship endeavours. He has managed an investment group, focused on promoting financial literacy and risk management when navigating financial markets. Justin’s academic background, and his prior work in business acquisitions, have given him substantial exposure to a variety of different industries, which has enabled him to gain a firm understanding of the “ownership mindset” and to sharpen his approach to business analysis.

Justin’s diverse past involvements speak to his ability to adapt to changing environments and the challenges within them. He now applies his experience, his enthusiasm, and his hands-on business approach to the efficient delivery of executive recruitment services. He enjoys working with clients who are driven to succeed in today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment. He is excited about the changes that are occurring, and the advances that are being made, in the industry verticals that he serves. These changes bring opportunity and Justin is well-equipped to help clients overcome the recruitment challenges that accompany them.