Jaclyn Eiler

Vice President of Business Development

Jaclyn Eiler has more than 15 years of experience partnering with organizations to create and nurture thriving leadership teams. With a passion for accelerating team performance and talent development, Jaclyn connects organizations, leaders, and teams with the right resources at the moments when they need it most.

Working with more than 120 Fortune 500 companies and numerous Global 1000 companies, Jaclyn has guided many organizations through pivotal changes and bold, agile transitions. Her ability to match a client’s needs with the best solution is invaluable for organizations that strive to stay ahead of the curve and leverage every possible competitive advantage.

Having worked at one of the world’s largest executive search and consulting firms with clients in the U.S., Canada, and LATAM in a variety of industries, including Healthcare, Consumer Practices, Industrial Products & Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Technology, Jaclyn believes in developing a thorough understanding of her clients’ needs, challenges, and opportunities while creating pathways that align with their overall business and talent strategies. This integrated, holistic approach to talent management cultivates an environment where leaders and teams can flourish.

Jaclyn earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. She has led national and global organizations’ business development efforts with great success, notably generating more than $40 million in revenue growth through her work with mid-size to Fortune 1000 companies at a top American multinational financial services corporation.