David Bjork

Managing Director

David Bjork, PhD, joined Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., as a partner in 1994 to start a division focused on executive compensation and incentive plans. Over the next decade, as practice leader, he helped develop the largest and best respected executive compensation consulting practice serving the healthcare industry.  He developed the standards the firm now uses in evaluating the reasonableness of executive compensation; advising boards on CEO performance appraisal; advising boards on governance of executive compensation; and conducting surveys of executive compensation.

Drawing on his knowledge of executive compensation in the healthcare industry, he has helped dozens of clients minimize the risk of intermediate sanctions by redesigning their compensation arrangements or providing evidence that the compensation arrangements are indeed reasonable.  He has helped dozens of boards recruit and retain CEOs by showing them how to configure compensation arrangements and employment agreements to meet their needs.  He has helped others strengthen their governance processes.

Drawing on his deep understanding of healthcare organizations, he has helped reorganize several of the country’s largest healthcare systems and has helped others work through post-merger integration. As clients have approached major transitions like mergers or divestitures, he has helped them maintain management continuity until the organization has stabilized in a new structure.

He has helped many of our clients through the difficulties associated with leadership transitions.

Before joining Gallagher Integrated in 1994, he helped another consulting firm develop its position as the leading consultant to the healthcare industry on human resource management issues by leading its consulting to the managed care industry and by co-leading its physician compensation practice.

Dr. Bjork earned an A.B. at Harvard, an M.B.A. in finance at the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.