Dave Bevington

Partner, Director of Automation

Dave Bevington is the Director of Automation. Dave works closely with Robert Cohn and the Automation team to help expand and cultivate the Industrial Automation, Robotics, and Controls segment. He brings a diverse background including past experience in business development and marketing and the ability to build and implement high-level business strategies. He highly values creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box.

Dave’s no-nonsense approach and style enable him to easily connect with executive level talent and form long-lasting relationships and partnerships. His simple philosophy squarely focuses on the core principal of passionately driving positive change through “win-win” business solutions and scenarios.

Outside of his office, Dave can constantly be found pursuing his deep passion for learning through his numerous hobbies that include a diverse array of artistic applications like screenwriting, guitar and songwriting, children’s literature, the visual arts, real estate and design, hiking, fishing, golf, various martial arts, and much more. With his boundless energy, Dave promotes youth football and takes pride in mentoring others both in and outside of work. He is a football enthusiast favoring all things NFL as a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Dave earned his BS at Kent State University with a double major, psychology, and marketing.