Alisson Ruhala

Director of Research

Alisson is a seasoned professional currently serving as the Director of Research at L.Maxwell Global since 2010. She brings to the table over 15 years of technology support experience, with specialization in information management, database management and research. Alisson holds a Bachelor of Arts in clinical psychology from Rollins College, and her experience is further complimented by her proficiency in various database, inventory control, and office software products.

In her work, she has excelled in numerous projects, including the successful inventory audit for the Fulton County Schools system where she scored 100% for over 22,000 industry audits and the migration of L.Maxwell company data from Bullhorn legacy database to Salesforce. In her current role, Alisson handles a wide range of responsibilities including drafting client proposals, position specifications, conducting reference check interviews and background checks, managing service contract renewals and serving as relationship manager for all services ranging from recruitment tools to CRM database services.