Rebound in Hiring Underway Reports New Study

March 31, 2010 – The 2010 Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online, rose to 90.4 in March, climbing 7.1 points since February. It was the second month in a row that the Index showed headway in reducing unemployment. March 2010 hiring levels were more than double what they were a year ago (90.4 vs. 44.1). “It appears that a real rebound in hiring has started, but with the unemployment rate still at 9.7 percent, the battle for most of the unemployed is far from over,” said Jay Martin, COO of JobSerf. All cities showed improvement in managerial hiring this month. Leading the rebound in per capita hiring gains were Minneapolis (+21 percent), Milwaukee (+20 percent), Detroit (+17 percent) and Hartford (+17 percent). Cleveland (+2 percent) and Louisville (+3 percent) had very minor improvements in hiring. The top five cities for managerial recruitment activity remain Washington, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Baltimore, and the cities with the lowest hiring activity are Tampa, Louisville, Detroit, Memphis and Riverside.

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