Quarterly Job Gains Up in Q2

August 17, 2010 – Beyond.com, Inc.’s “Second Quarter 2010 Career Trend Analysis Report” reports that more than 48 percent of industries experienced a quarterly percentage gain in online jobs posted, signifying a healthier economy leading into the second half of the year. Beyond.com's data indicates the job market is showing slow and steady signs of a recovery and hard-hitting sectors such as retail and travel are beginning to expand once again. The report, which gathers information across thousands of top-tier industry and local career sites, found that more than 73 percent of employers were looking for full-time employees, an increase of 12 percent from the previous quarter. Healthcare and medical represented the largest percentage gain in overall jobs posted (5.57 percent), followed by sales and sales management with 2.24 percent. Jobs continued to grow into July, increasing by 1.17 percent over June. In July, entry level positions showed the largest increase of 39 percent and merchandising, purchasing and retail jobs representing the largest jump among industries with an increase of 137 percent. Customer service had the next largest increase (77 percent) and travel, hospitality and restaurant following behind (41 percent). “We are excited to see job numbers continuing to grow and hard-hitting sectors beginning to rebound,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of Beyond.com. Many of the nation’s leading economists, however, see things differently – and they expect a double-dip recession to begin sometime in the next two quarters.

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