PeopleClick and Burning Glass Form Alliance

August 12, 2009 – Peopleclick, Inc., a global provider of talent acquisition and workforce compliance and diversity solutions, has formed a partnership with Burning Glass, a provider of resume processing, screening and searching technology. The partnership is highlighted in the release of the Peopleclick Recruitment Management System (RMS) 4.9 and will further advance Peopleclick's resume parsing capabilities. With data extraction and resume parsing, the Burning Glass technology, Lens/Xray, enables a candidate's resume content to be processed more effectively. “With more people applying for open positions than ever before, advanced resume parsing technology can streamline the application process and lessen the burden of redundant data entry for candidates,” said Ginny Gomez, SVP of product management and marketing at Peopleclick. “As recruiters face an influx of applications and less time in their workday, they are continuously searching for more effective ways to find the right candidates.”

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