Pamela Jeffery Search Launches with Eye Towards Increasing Female Directorships

September 19, 2014 – Pamela Jeffery, founder of the Women’s Executive Network, has launched Pamela Jeffery Search, designed to recruit women board directors. With 17,500 members, the Women’s Executive Network is Canada’s largest networking group for female executives. “I began doing board searches last year because CEOs asked me to help find new female directors. I feel that the small number of women on corporate boards is not a supply issue — there are many qualified women available — but a demand issue. My experience doing director searches confirms this,” said Ms. Jeffery. Rather than a standard retainer arrangement, the firm customizes assignments depending on the client’s needs and budget. The fee is structured to link a significant portion of the fee paid to results. The firm also announced that Board Advisor will be the U.S. affiliate of Pamela Jeffery Search. Headed by Beverly Behan in New York City, Board Advisor has spent the last 18 years advising boards on corporate governance on both sides of the border. During her 30 year career, Ms. Jeffery has served as a special assistant to an Ontario Cabinet Minister; president and CEO of a mid-sized public affairs firm; founder of the Women’s Executive Network and the Canadian Board Diversity Council; and, communications advisor to a Canadian Prime Minister.

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