PageUp People Develops CareerPath App for Windows 8

November 7, 2012 – International talent management solutions provider, PageUp People, has developed a new consumer app version of CareerPath, the company’s employee career path development solution, which is available for download through the Windows Store. Developed with the latest Microsoft technologies, the CareerPath app supports touch command patterns and social connectors, as well as search and share. This SaaS-based solution enables employees to explore career advancement and future opportunities, and managers to engage them in constructive dialog about the skills needed to advance and link development plans and training to help them prepare for new roles within their organization. “We are passionate about pioneering technology that will create the workplace of the future. Business success is tightly connected with employee engagement, one of the key drivers of which is the availability of dynamic and transparent career opportunities,” said Karen Cariss, CEO of PageUp People. “The best talent knows what it wants and will increasingly demand access to pathways that facilitate accelerated learning and promotion. We deliver this unique and compelling capability with CareerPath — and Windows 8 provides the perfect platform for an unsurpassed employee experience.”

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