Oracle and Netsuite to Deliver New HR Services

July 1, 2013 – Oracle and NetSuite have announced an alliance focused on plans to deliver integrated HCM and ERP cloud services for mid-sized customers. Deloitte will work with Oracle and NetSuite to develop a practice with highly skilled practitioners specializing in tools and implementation services to help customers adopt the soon-to-be integrated SaaS technologies faster and more seamlessly. Additionally, Oracle plans to develop a product integration and go-to-market strategy with NetSuite for Oracle HCM Cloud and NetSuit. “Driving the development and retention of the right talent, and getting strategic data around HR practices can help mid-sized companies transform their business operations,” said Oracle president Mark Hurd. “NetSuite and Oracle are now working together to provide access to Oracle's leading enterprise-level cloud-based HR & Talent Management solutions that are integrated with NetSuite's Cloud ERP suite applications. With Deloitte implementing these integrated solutions, mid-sized companies can quickly gain access to an incredible new level of HR management that can help impact their bottom line.”

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