Online Recruitment Activity Shows Drop

September 1, 2010 – After a double-digit gain last month, managerial recruitment activity showed a slight drop in August, falling to 102.3, according to the new Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online. The August 2010 Index dipped 4.6 points from July 2010. The Index has seen an uptick over the past year with the August 2010 Index 22.5 points higher than it was in August, 2009. “During the past two years we’ve seen a major drop in managerial hiring activity,” said Jay Martin, COO, JobSerf. ”It is encouraging to see the recent stabilization in recruitment activity, and some light at the end of the tunnel.” For the first time since February, the top 10 cities had two new entrants (Dallas and Cleveland), which knocked out Philadelphia and Denver. The most improved city per capita hiring in August was Cleveland with a gain of 19 percent. Houston (+14 percent), Dallas (+11 percent), Miami (+11 percent) and Atlanta (+10 percent) also saw an increase in hiring this month.

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