Objective Paradigm Expands Team

August 10, 2011 – Objective Paradigm, Inc. (OP), a Chicago-based recruiting and executive search firm, has added Tom Rezk to serve as business development manager. Through the RPO group, Objective Paradigm sources, screens, qualifies and interviews candidates on behalf of clients. As such, they help improve time-to-fill, increase the quality of the hire, and provide the client with relative short-term scalability. Kevin Krumm, artner at Objective Paradigm, said: “The changing dynamics of the labor market, in conjunction with the growth of social media outlets and specialized recruitment tools, have increased the importance of recruitment processes for businesses. As the recruitment function becomes more specialized, there is a significant business case for outsourcing it to a scalable and efficient provider.” Mr. Rezk comes to Objective Paradigm from the consulting and technology services field. He has over a decade of business development experience and has helped companies from many industries leverage a wide range of products and services to increase overall efficiency and productivity.

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