Monster Unveils New Cloud-Based Semantic Search Platform

June 13, 2012 – Monster has introduced SeeMore, a cloud-based semantic search and analytics platform. Built on Monster’s 6Sense semantic search technology, SeeMore allows companies to search all of their talent pools in one place and to quickly identify and rank the best potential candidates by literally reading the resumes with a recruiter- like understanding of skills and qualifications. Matthew O’Connor, SVP of staffing and software solutions for Monster Worldwide, said: “Speed and efficiency are essential in filling positions in the staffing industry. On average, it takes a staffing company one to three days to identify the right candidate to fill one position; with SeeMore, it takes just minutes allowing recruiters to spend more time selling the jobs and the candidates to drive more revenue. Coupled with robust talent analytics, SeeMore gives organizations and the staffing industry the competitive advantage they need.”

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