Diversified Search Group

Long considered the most widely referenced, single source of news in the human capital sector, Hunt Scanlon Media now reaches 18.5 million executive search and talent management subscribers each year.

We offer daily newswire briefings and email alerts, newsletters, market intelligence in the form of rankings and data analytics, industry podcasts, videos and talent leadership reports that span the sector across the globe. Today, our website serves as the nucleus for key decision-makers in charge of talent acquisition.

Hunt Scanlon works closely with talent leadership providers across all of our digital media and print platforms to help them reach our primary audience, from strategically placed ads and sponsored content to multimedia platforms that include videos and podcasts. Let us help push your brand forward to the decision-makers that matter most to you.

For those who are interested in learning more about branding opportunities at Hunt Scanlon Media please contact Chris Hunt at (203) 252-7302 or by email at: chris@huntscanlon.com.