Manpower Vietnam Partners with TechCombank

May 20, 2010 – Manpower Vietnam, the first 100 percent foreign-invested workforce solutions firm in the country, has announced an expansion of its agreement with Techcombank to provide innovative end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to help the company achieve its growth and expansion strategy and increasing need for high-quality talent. As part of the two-year contract, Manpower will manage Techcombank's complete recruiting and hiring processes, from job profiling to onboarding. “Our ability to meet all of Techcombank's recruiting needs as we help them find the best team to succeed will allow them to gain a competitive advantage,” said Darryl Green, Manpower president of Asia Pacific and Middle East. “We are the only workforce solutions provider that offers Vietnamese companies extensive global labor market intelligence, detailed understanding of the local culture and labor laws, and industry-leading cost-saving strategies.” Techcombank was faced with recruiting 1,500 people and establishing a constant pipeline of new candidates to meet its projected growth plan against the backdrop of a highly competitive market and no available internal resources for recruitment, onboarding and development of staff. Techcombank will now engage Manpower's global center of excellence dedicated to RPO, leveraging expert knowledge and global access to talent.

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