Luceo Solutions Unveils Recruiting Software

October 11, 2012 – Recruiting technology company Luceo Solutions has released its new recruitment software Luceo TAS 3.3. Its designed to makes it even easier for employers to hire great talent with enhanced parsing, searching and matching capabilities, social sourcing functionality, electronic forms administration and upgrades to the interface that place more features one click or less away. For this release, Luceo also partnered with Sertifi, an eSignature and Web Contracting solution, to simplify the application and onboarding process. Equipped with such technology, employers can administer job application and new-hire paperwork electronically, which simplifies the process and accelerates time-to-hire. “We fully understand the many challenges companies face in hiring top talent. Our goal is to simplify the talent acquisition process for everyone involved,” said Mary Delaney, CEO of Luceo Solutions. “We are proud to release the newest version of Luceo TAS and confident that this platform will greatly improve the way our clients source and hire the talent they need to meet their key organizational goals.”

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