Leveraging Personal Career Information in the Big Data Era

March 28, 2019 – There are two questions every search firm should ask about their core technology: 1) Is it simple enough for everybody to use? 2) Is the information held within it accurate?

Most companies, including search firms, still rely on outdated candidate tracking systems that are now seen as unreliable, over-complicated, and under-used. The result: data quality has suffered – and that has led to a proliferation of outside technology platforms, like LinkedIn.

In this era of expanding data privacy rules and regulations, search firm databases, once historically viewed as major assets, have instead become 21st century business liabilities. And corporate in-house candidate platforms don’t rank much better.

Fortunately, solutions are emerging to control the reams of people data pouring onto social media and into tracking systems. One that seems to be particularly catching fire is Not Actively Looking – a candidate platform that allows busy business professionals to manage their career histories with the ease of a few clicks. It is smart 21st century thinking.

Visit NAL today and join a quiet revolution that’s underway. Control your data  . . . control your destiny at www.notactivelylooking.com

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