Legal Recruiters Launch Hewetson Shah

October 21, 2011 – Recruitment professionals Guy Hewetson and Anil Shah have launched a new specialist legal search and recruitment consultancy Hewetson Shah. The new firm will offer a highly personal and professional approach to both the bar and law firms based on the 35 years combined experience of the two founding partners in the legal sector. In addition to an established expertise in the U.K. market, the new firm will focus on emerging markets where there is significant activity in both legal search and recruitment. Mr. Hewetson was previously an associate director at LPA Legal. Mr. Shah was managing director of LPA Legal and his core areas of expertise are the movement of partners and teams in top U.K., U.S. and international law firms, senior associates in private practice and in house lawyers in leading corporates. Mr. Shah said: “The new firm is a natural extension of our existing skills and contacts in the UK and international legal sector. We believe this is the ideal time to launch a high value, specialist consultancy as both law firms and the bar manages significant change, which will require them to consider a new balance of skills and expertise. In addition, our emerging markets focus will provide a unique resource for our clients who are recruiting in these areas”

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