Leading Through Disruption and Uncertainty

August 19, 2020 – George Floyd’s death and subsequent events are incredibly tragic and disturbing. Taken together with the impact of COVID-19, they have not only shaken the country but also disrupted business as usual. In recent discussions with directors, CEOs and other business leaders, Crenshaw Associates has found that companies have largely taken an aggressive approach to the serious issues of racism, discrimination and social injustice, and acknowledging that leadership has never been more critical.

“These mirror many of the challenges that I have worked and led through during the tech bubble, 9/11 and the financial crisis, as well as chairing diversity counsels,” said the firm’s executive chairman, Bill Glenn, in a recent report. “These are milestones that matter.”

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The nation’s vast executive search community and their clients are quickly adapting to the new realities of Covid-19 – and what it means for hiring in 2020 and beyond.

Hunt Scanlon’s latest executive recruiting industry sector report series will be available in 30 days. Hunt Scanlon Media will offer its two-part ‘Executive Recruiting State of the Industry Report’ focused on the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Part 1, ‘Adapting in Uncertain Times’ will examine how executive recruiters are resetting expectations in the midst of an unprecedented interruption to their business.

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Many expect a significant pause in business, followed by a sharp rebound later this year. We talk to the experts, uncover the opportunities, pick the sectors and reveal how search firms and talent organizations are navigating and adapting in uncertain times. Hear from top talent experts, including: Frederickson Partners; CBIZ CMF; Russell Reynolds Associates; Odgers Berndtson; Options Group; ZRG Partners; Wilton & Bain; Diversified Search; Caldwell; Hanold Associates; True Search; Slayton Search Partners; Coulter Partners; Cejka Search; Solomon Page; Acertitude; McDermott & Bull; Academic Search; Beecher Reagan; Bowdoin Group; Kingsley Gate Partners; Comhar Partners; ON Partners; Perrett Laver; CarterBaldwin; Stanton Chase; Buffkin/Baker; Major, Lindsay & Africa; WittKieffer; Klein Hersh; Furst Group; Invenias; PierceGray; LifeSci Partners & more! Buy Both Reports Now!

As such, Mr. Glenn has offered “some self-reflective questions” to help you think through and respond to your stakeholders:

What does your “leadership shadow” say about you? “The longest shadows come from the top,” said the search firm. “If you want to reshape your culture and teach and develop your team you need to model the behavior you want to see.”

Proper Staffing

Being staffed for the task is also essential. “It’s important to have the right person in the right assignment at the right time,” said Mr. Glenn.

Companies also need to look closely at their thinking about diversity and inclusion. “It’s absolutely the right thing to do but avoid thinking about it as an initiative,” said the report. “Initiatives are oftentimes not sustainable. Diversity must be a critical element of your culture, business practices, go-to-market execution and leadership model that will deliver growth and attract and retain the best talent reflecting the voice, face and trends of your key stakeholders.”

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To achieve full alignment, meanwhile, difficult conversations with employees are vital. Leaders should use purposeful communication to model empathy, transparency, agility and resilience, said Crenshaw Associates.

And lastly, Mr. Glenn urges leaders to pause with a purpose, or as he puts it, “going slow to go fast.” “Ensure leadership alignment against strategy, communication, talent and diversity,” he said.

Top-of-the-Line Talent Services

Established in 1982, Crenshaw Associates provides a host of services for corporations, including advisory services, executive coaching, culture mapping, outplacement/ executive transition and portfolio/ alternative careers, among others. Services for executives include outplacement/ executive transition, integration/onboarding, and career planning.

The firm represents a broad array of companies including public, private, private equity and not-for-profit/public institutions. Among its clients: Verizon, TIAA, Dow Jones, HBO, Necco, BainCapital, and BlackRock.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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