Jobseekers Disapprove of Obama Stimulus Plan

December 8, 2009 – Jobseekers believe that President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package has left much to be desired after coming in to law last February. In a recent online survey of over 970 jobseekers and conducted by career portal,, 64 percent of respondents do not think that the President's stimulus plan has, in fact, created more jobs for Americans. The two-week long survey, conducted on's website polled visitors to provide their opinion on the current employment situation in America. After analyzing the results, the team believes that the 10.0 percent unemployment rate has had a strong influence on jobseekers' opinions. These results are also reflected by the scarce four percent of's respondents who say that their job was either saved or created by the stimulus plan. Forty-six percent believe a second stimulus package will create more jobs while 53 percent shy away from the idea of the development of a new economic stimulus. “Our jobseekers are obviously frustrated,” said Brian Alden, president and CEO of “We have over 10 million unique visitors coming to every month to search and apply to jobs as well as access career advice and resources exclusively found on And although we're seeing a healthy dose of activity from employers posting their jobs on, there's no clear evidence that these positions have come out of the stimulus package.”

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