Jobfox Creates Social Recruiting Network

February 24, 2011 – Career site Jobfox has announced the launch of its new product, Jobfox Boost, a social recruiting and career networking engine that automates the process of building talent networks. With Jobfox Boost, HR professionals and recruiters can create their own private networks of pre-qualified individuals and recruit talent directly from them. Boost also provides a built-in incentive program that enables recruiters to motivate their network by offering cash rewards to increase candidate flow. “We are aware that recruiters have tried to use social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook as a recruiting tool and have had some success at filling some of their niche roles,” said Robert McGovern, chairman and CEO of Jobfox. “However, we believe these sites really weren’t designed for the kind of high-volume, high-speed recruiting that companies need. We recognized a serious gap between the high expectations recruiters have for social networks and the reality.”

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