JCSI Unveils Onsite Contract Recruiter Services

February 28, 2010 – JCSI Corporate Staffing has announced the launch of a new division dedicated to providing companies with on-site contract recruiting professionals. This new service, called JCSI OnSite, provides companies with an experienced recruiter to work at their location and manage the entire hiring process. The recruiter is supported with a team of back-office research specialists who provide the recruiter with a constant flow of qualified candidates for the position. “You never know what results you are going to get with an independent contract recruiter,” said JCSI CEO Jim Sullivan. “It may take several weeks until you know the quality and quantity of candidates they can produce. JCSI removes that risk. Our OnSite team will begin delivering you qualified candidates in the first week. Our recruiters have access to a variety of recruitment tools and they are experienced with multiple applicant tracking systems.” JCSI is a recruitment consulting firm leveraging social media networking and passive candidate research to build a qualified candidate pool for a company's immediate and future hiring needs.

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