Integrating Executives Into New Jobs Becoming More Complex

July 17, 2013 – Basic onboarding processes are still not provided to most leaders assuming new roles, making transitioning a longer and less productive time for both employees and companies, according to a global study released by Egon Zehnder. More than 500 executives from around the world participated in the firm's 12th International Executive Panel (IEP), an annual global leadership survey focused this year on how well organizations meet the unique needs of executives who are changing roles and responsibilities either from inside or outside organizations. The majority of senior-level executives (57 percent) indicated that it took six months or more to reach full impact in their last new role. This finding includes the more than 18 percent who reported that nine months or more passed before they felt fully effective. Over a third (38 percent) said that their last experience assuming a new role was difficult, as compared to just 21 percent who said it was easy. "Successfully integrating senior executives into new roles is more complex than ever and the negative repercussions and resulting business costs of a sluggish transition can be extremely detrimental to organizations," said Mark Byford, co-lead for Egon Zehnder's global accelerated integration practice. "The study findings are consistent with our experiences and in fact, the more senior the executive, the longer time it takes to fully assimilate to the organization and the role."

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