Technology touches every business in every industry. Successful businesses are in front of the technology curb while others lag behind. In today’s landscape the top IT professionals have options. As the innovating companies thrust forward they attract the professionals that do what they do out of passion while they fulfill company driven objectives. As employers seek to improve the cultural fit and success of their new hires, our technology experts are seeing a shift away from an emphasis on hard skills in favor of a closer focus on soft skills. Often, those soft skills can mean the difference between success and failure in a hire. The McCormick Group understands today’s competitive technical environment and has built credibility in the technical community through successful placements and our ability to speak the language. Our technology team fully understands and appreciates that high tech will never be a substitute for high touch. The McCormick Group has developed a local, regional and national client base. We leverage our in-depth technology expertise, extensive networks and the most sophisticated tools to identify and provide the right candidates. We assist our clients in shifting and upgrading from old technologies and practices to established modern methods. We are the subject matter expert in placing cyber security and cloud solution professionals both nationally and in the Washington metro area. The McCormick Group conducts searches for a broad range of positions including Chief Information/Technology Officers, Chief Information Security Officers/Heads of IT Security, Vice Presidents of Technology, Directors of Software Engineering/Product, IT Transformation and Strategy Leaders, as well as Architects and niched technical experts. We service the Energy, Telecommunications, Legal, Healthcare, Financial, and Federal contracting marketplaces.

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