Not-for-profit organizations are growing in number and size. Meanwhile, there is an emphasis on operating smarter and leaner. The biggest challenge for organizations from large to small is leveraging limited financial resources to more efficiently and effectively fulfill missions on behalf of constituents. Our search consultants, who are all actively involved in the community, understand that a not-for-profit organization thrives when it furthers its mission, develops the business and leadership skills of the staff, and establishes a strong fundraising platform. Our clients include foundations, social service agencies, education organizations, and other community-based not-for-profits. We conduct searches for all senior leadership professionals, such as Presidents, CEOs, Executive Directors, and finance and development specialists. At The McCormick Group, we partner with our clients and work collaboratively with their boards of directors to identify and recruit talented professionals who help organizations address key areas. We also offer expertise in succession planning to ensure continuity and to facilitate transition from one leader to another. The McCormick Group, after hundreds of successful engagements, has the ability to find the right person to help an organization serve the community even better than before.

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