Hiring for Nonprofits poses several challenges. How do you measure the skills and experience of a candidate against the philanthropic DNA of your organization? Do you hire a leader from another similar nonprofit, or do you bring on a skilled executive from a more nontraditional segment? Does your organization reflect the diverse perspectives necessary to effectively carry out your mission? At ZRG Partners, we invest in building longstanding relationships across nonprofit, public, and private organizations. In turn, this gives us fresh insight into the leadership talent within these areas. We are then able to present qualified executives from traditional and nontraditional spaces with the leadership experience necessary to best meet your nonprofit organization’s needs. ZRG brings a unique fact-based approach to hiring for the nonprofit sector including corporate and family philanthropies, foundations, funds, and nonprofit organizations globally. In addition, our practice is sensitive to diversity needs—casting a global net to provide the brightest candidates for our clients. Built seamlessly to meet the needs of hiring committees, our process brings data and analytics to the hiring process with our proprietary Z Score process. Combining the right tools with the right people, our team has direct experience in the nonprofit world which allow our clients to reap the benefits and impact of investment.