Family Offices

The Financial Services markets are fast paced, intellectually complex, and extremely dynamic. Similar to today’s global economy, it is an industry that has experienced an unprecedented sea change, and continues to evolve given the pressures related to regulation, demands for increased transparency, pressures for performance, enormous technological change and advancement, the shifting economic and pollical crosswinds with a new presidency. Margins are tight across business units, and realizing and sustaining a competitive edge on Wall Street requires hiring and retaining superior operating and management talent with a broad knowledge of the global markets and economy, a deep understanding of risk management, and the technological vision to navigate through today’s cross currents to realize emerging opportunities. At the cornerstone of ZRG’s global financial services practice, we bring deep domain expertise, and pride ourselves on using a fact-based data driven approach, utilizing data and analytics to drive our search processes. With our Z Score methodology, we present our clients with metric driven candidate slates in concert with our fundamental traditional search process. Our financial services consultants are incredibly active in their respective sectors with focal expertise across asset management, wealth management, investment banking, consumer banking, specialty finance, lending, insurance, payments and fin tech.