HRsmart and VMN+ Form Alliance

March 31, 2011 – HRsmart International, a global talent management software company, has opened a new division via a new venture with VMN+, headquartered in Argentina. The partnership will provide companies a professional and high quality choice in the international IT outsourcing market. With a track record spanning all around the globe and over 200 employees, VMN+'s offerings will complement HRsmart's experience dealing with multi-cultural, geographically diversified teams. “The goal of aiding clients in reducing their costs and improving productivity through IT outsourcing is the vision of this partnership,” said Paul Fonolla, HRsmart president. “With the combined experiences of HRsmart and VMN+, we are providing an unmatched level of IT outsourcing to more companies in North America.” VMN+'s area of expertise includes agile software development, IT professional services, consulting, specific customization, project management, design, architecture, and framework.

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