HR People & Strategy Selects Satell Center for Executive Education Association

March 1, 2011 – Human Resources People & Strategy (HRPS) has chosen the Satell Center for Executive Education as its exclusive provider of online training programs for senior HR executives and their teams. The programs are designed to help chief HR officers with talent management and succession planning by developing managers and potential successors. “Chief HR officers asked us for relevant professional training programs that help prepare senior managers and their peers for greater effectiveness in executive roles,” said Tom Nicholson, executive director of HR People & Strategy. “This will help them with their succession planning, and provide high potential managers with a vehicle to advance their careers. We selected The Satell Center for Executive Education because they are uniquely qualified to provide high quality online courses that effectively and conveniently develop individuals and teams.” For 34 years, HRPS has been a place for executives to connect with colleagues who make bottom line decisions about people and business results.

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