G&A Partners Expands into Colombia

June 3, 2013 – G&A Partners, a Texas-based HR outsourcer and Professional Employer Organization (PEO), has expanded its operations into Colombia to service U.S. clients operating in that country. G&A has established a new entity, G&A Partners Colombia SAS, with offices in Bogota to provide payroll and human resource services to U.S. companies that, as a result of the free trade agreement with Colombia, are investing heavily in the South American country. “In the U.S., companies that don't have the depth or desire to build costly HR and payroll departments often rely on PEOs and the human resource services they provide,” said Tony Grijalva, chairman and CEO, G&A Partners. “This need will be even more prevalent in Latin-American countries where complex labor and tax laws can be daunting to U.S. companies eager to establish a presence or expand investments in this part of the world.” With an experienced team of bi-lingual HR professionals, attorneys, and accountants in Houston and in Bogota as well as an in-depth knowledge of labor laws in both countries, G&A Partners can help U.S. companies establishing operations in Colombia by sourcing workers, conducting payroll, and overseeing HR compliance.

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