Former Russell Reynolds Associates Leader Dies

March 18, 2013 – Ferdinand Nadherny, 86, a chief architect in the building up of Russell Reynolds Associates, has died. Mr. Nadherny was instrumental in the early years of the firm which he joined in 1974 to start its Chicago operations. By the time he retired from RRA in 1996 it had grown to 30 worldwide offices, a number of which he helped open. Mr. Nadherny became president of the financial services oriented recruiter in 1980 and vice chairman in 1988. "Ferd was well-known in the search profession as one of its early gifted leaders," said industry advisor Scott A. Scanlon. "He left a legacy of integrity and professionalism at Reynolds which continues today." Russell S. Reynolds Jr., who brought Mr. Nadherny into his inner circle to help run the firm's growing U.S. operations, pointed to Mr. Nadherny's "great intelligence, wisdom, strength, faith and values" as the key qualities that led to Mr. Nadherny's successful leadership of the firm. "He made RRA the best in the business worldwide and he was a contributor everywhere," added Mr. Reynolds, who is now chairman of search firm RSR Partners.

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