Finding Pharma Partners with EurekaConnect

November 17, 2013 – Finding Pharma, a placement agency for the pharmaceutical industry, has partnered with EurekaConnect. EurekaConnect is a consulting firm that uses proprietary technology to evaluate the personality traits of individuals in order to build world-class teams within top organizations. The EurekaConnect program, EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics (ECBD), provides a granular analysis that can objectively and measurably impact efficiency and effectiveness. Finding Pharma chose to partner with EurekaConnect to further its mission of setting candidates up for success. “At Finding Pharma, we do more than simply recruit job candidates. We want to make sure that each person we place is the right fit for that particular organization,” said C.J. Anderson, vice president of candidate placement for Finding Pharma. “The tools provided by EurekaConnect give us an additional resource to make sure that a candidate will grow and thrive in his or her new position.”

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