Finding and Keeping Top Tech Talent

March 21, 2023 – Candidates today are asking more questions about the financial stability of companies as well as about their growth strategy. With the recent waves of layoffs and downsizings, candidates, especially passive job seekers, want to be assured they are going to a company that is stable and they can grow with, according to Chris Beckage, vice president at recruiting firm Procom. Mr. Beckage encourages hiring organizations to use skills-based job descriptions and postings to attract a wider candidate pool.  “Stop focusing only on credentials,” he said. “Be open to how an individual obtained their skills – bootcamps are great ways to source IT talent.”

Mr. Beckage says that candidate pools are: 1) internal, 2) boomerang, and 3) GIG workers. “Have a strategy for all three as promoting or moving from within is great for employee morale and development. Employees often leave for development reasons that you cannot provide, so tracking them allows you to bring them back with more skills. And many IT and professional workers have decided to go on their own vs. being a W2 employee, so engage that workforce,” he said.

Mr. Beckage offered the following points for the recent transformation in job postings as dictated by job seekers:

  • Compensation is table stakes. If you’re not competitive, you’re not a factor. 
  • Candidate-centric skills-based job postings. Talk to the candidate vs. what you as an employer need.  Focus on the core skills needed and what can be trained.
  • Candidates are asking many more questions about the organization, so be prepared to discuss your financials, purpose, vision, etc.
  • Sell the jobseekers on the compelling reasons to join your company – disruption, company growth, career growth, voice, work/life integration, etc.
  • Train hiring managers on the questions they’re asking and how they describe the company. Candidates feed off the vibe, tone, and energy from these interactions.

Hiring Tech Talent in 14 Days or Less

“We live in a snackable items world today as is evident with the popularity of apps like TikTok, SnapChat, YouTube, etc. ,” Mr. Beckage said. “Our attention spans are shorter so you need to provide consistent messaging to allow candidates to understand what you do, how you do it, and the impact it has on the employees, customers, and world.  Part of the strategy must be video. Hiring managers and the company must make hiring the priority. Candidates lose interest when the hiring process is long. In our upcoming webinar this Wednesday we’re going to show the blueprint of how to do this in 14 days.”

“Job seekers want clarity from employers on what is needed to be successful in the job,” said Natalie Wenzler, senior manager of career pathways at TechPoint. “Focusing on the skills someone utilizes in that role helps job seekers better self-assess into roles and increases the quality of the candidate pool through skills-based job postings. Furthermore, identifying which skills are required for the role helps to effectively and equitably screen resumes and interview candidates.”

“The importance and role of DEI should be baked into the hiring process,” said Ms. Wenzler. “Using a skills-based approach to hiring and talent management reduces biases in the decision making process by focusing on the highest predictor of someone’s potential for success in the role which are the skills.”


Technology jobs have really taken a beating in the last three to four months. But many organizations are still facing significant challenges finding technology professionals as we head full bore into 2023. 

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Chris Beckage is responsible for Procom’s expansion strategy in the U.S. With nearly 25 years of industry experience including leading international sales and delivery teams, he is a dynamic and results-oriented individual with a unique perspective that helps Procom continue to evolve. His consultative approach and utilization of business analytic tools allows him to present companies with a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape to attract and retain talent, and offer recommendations on how to position their employment brand.


Natalie Wenzler is an effective and transparent workforce leader and facilitator supporting and scaling partnerships, engaging diverse stakeholders, and connecting critical resources to launch strategic efforts in local, state, and national ecosystems. From skills-based talent management to supporting sector partnerships, she thrives in creating inclusive and engaging group experiences to promote collective impact. At TechPoint, Ms. Wenzler drives the inclusive growth of the Indiana tech workforce.


Attendance is free. To learn more and register to attend, click here

Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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