Hunt Scanlon Media’sTransforming IT Talent Acquisition & Planning 2023

March 22nd - 11:00am EST

The year 2022 gave us the Great Resignation or the Great Reshuffle, or whatever one would like to call it. And, while there is a slowing down of people quitting their jobs, the attrition rate remains above pre-pandemic norms.

In this ever-changing job market, organizations are still facing significant challenges finding technology professionals at the start of 2023. Learn from industry experts on how to attract and retain top IT talent, and how to develop a comprehensive talent acquisition and planning strategy that will drive your organization’s success in 2023. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to transform your IT talent acquisition and planning efforts.

Join us for this upcoming webinar where an expert panel led by Chris Beckage, a leader with 25+ years of experience in talent acquisition and retention will discuss:

•             The key trends that are shaping up the recruitment landscape in 2023

•             Transformation in job postings as dictated by job seekers

•             The new interview cycle –hire in 10 days or less

•             Role of DE&I in the hiring process

•             Establishing compelling reasons for candidates to join your team


Chris Beckage

Vice President, Business Development USA

Chris Beckage is responsible for Procom’s expansion strategy in the United States. With nearly 25 years of industry experience including leading international sales and delivery teams, Chris is a dynamic and results-oriented individual with a unique perspective that helps Procom continue to evolve. Chris’s consultative approach and utilization of business analytic tools allows him to present companies with a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape to attract and retain talent, and recommendations on how to position their employment brand. A resident of Austin, TX, he holds BS and MBA degrees from the University at Buffalo.

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