Financial Times Creates New Recruitment Section

September 22, 2010 – The Financial Times newspaper has launched a newly updated and revised recruitment section. The weekly U.K. Executive Appointments supplement will now include at least three pages of editorial content every Thursday alongside classified advertising. The editorial will include a cover feature of topical interest – the first one looking at leadership succession planning just as changes at Barclays, HSBC and Vodafone have hit the headlines. There will also be a weekly interview with a senior, high-profile executive, covering their career path and tips for success, or business people who have made a dramatic career change, as well as other articles on the process of hiring or getting a job and a look behind the scenes at the art of headhunting. Executive Appointments is a global recruitment channel for executive-level positions in both the private and public sectors. The website has over 340,000 registered users, generating 2.5 million page impressions a month. “The investment in editorial copy for Executive Appointments provides an exciting opportunity to reach beyond active job seekers to everyone who cares about their career and to businesses that care about who they hire,” said FT recruitment editor Peter Whitehead.

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