Finance Job Seekers Remain Upbeat

December 16, 2009 – As the economy begins to show signs of a recovery, about two-thirds of job seekers in the financial services sector are confident that they will be employed within the next six months. This optimism exists even as 79 percent of job seekers acknowledge that their job search is taking longer than they had initially expected. These responses, from a recent survey of job-seeking finance professionals conducted by, suggest a continued resilient attitude amongst finance job seekers eager to land a new job following the worst economic downturn in decades. In addition to being upbeat about career prospects, many finance job seekers are also remaining optimistic about compensation, with 58 percent expecting the total compensation of their next position to be the same or higher than their most recent position. Even with this expectation in mind, 57 percent of respondents noted that they would consider accepting a position that pays less than their most recent finance-related job. “Finance job seeker confidence has remained roughly the same since conducted a similar survey six months ago,” said Skiddy von Stade, chairman of “At that time, we had just begun to see firms start to test the waters in terms of hiring. Since then, there has been a steady uptick in hiring activity and we remain cautiously optimistic that this trend will continue through 2010, with the most in-demand fields including leveraged finance, restructuring, corporate finance, asset management, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance.” is an online career and recruitment management tool that connects finance professionals and companies.

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