eQuest Enhances HR Software Service

March 5, 2014 – eQuest, a job posting distribution and job posting management provider, has developed a software that recognizes the kind of device candidates use to respond to jobs on the internet as well as the percentage of candidates responding to internet posted positions by mobile versus workstation. “As HR departments assess their future plans this data will be critical in determining many areas of expanding services in and around mobile deployment, mobile advertising, and mobile apply,” said David Bernstein, VP of big data at eQuest.

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vishal aandr
1 year ago

Most modern businesses use some kind of Human Resources (HR) software to assist with managing employees. HR software simplifies and optimizes human resources management in ever evolving ways. By selecting an up to date HR software solution that works well with your business operations, your company can best manage its talent, keeping employees happy and driving productivity.

4 years ago

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