Epsen Fuller|IMD Places President at ACM Medical Laboratory

February 7, 2011 – Executive search firm Epsen Fuller/IMD International Search Group has placed Angela J. Panzarella as the new president of ACM Medical Laboratory, a division of Unity Health System. Previously, Ms. Panzarella was corporate vice president at Bausch & Lomb, Inc. “Angela has the vision, drive and ambition to take ACM to the next level, placing the organization at the forefront of diagnostic and pathology services as well as a leader in supporting global clinical studies,” said Thomas Fuller, general managing partner at Epsen Fuller. “While it was immediately clear that Angela is a well-respected figure in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, it became more evident she possesses the breadth of expertise necessary as her career has spanned functional areas from product development to global sales, supply chain, finance and global corporate strategy.” The search was conducted by Mr. Fuller along with Connie Bullock, principal of Epsen Fuller|IMD. ACM Medical Laboratory is a full service clinical and pathology laboratory organized under numerous therapeutic departments of laboratory medicine and pathology.

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