Employment Index Shows Slight Rise in Hiring

July 2, 2010 – The CareerCast.com/JobSerf, which measures managerial hiring activity online, showed minor improvement, showed minor improvement, rising from 89 in May to 92.6 in June. Nearly all of the cities tracked by the Index had an increase in hiring this month, led by Miami (+13 percent), Cleveland (+12 percent), Boston (+11 percent) and Louisville (+11 percent). Minneapolis, Phoenix, Cincinnati, and Memphis all showed a 10 percent improvement over last month. St. Louis was the only city to show no improvement in June. ”The rise in managerial hiring has not had an impact on the high unemployment rate,” said Jay Martin, chief operating officer of JobSerf. “However, we remain optimistic that hiring will remain strong or improve over the summer, even though this is typically a weak managerial hiring period.”

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